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Why girls should be in the center of development?
A story from Indonesia

This youth vlog captures the effect of inequality of Meaningful Youth Participation, gender and SRHR during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. The YOUVLOG challenges people to understand the importance of Meaningful Youth Participation and why it is important to include the voices from young people.

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Project Outcomes

The YOUVLOG seeks to:

To expose the lack of gender equality

  • Girls who fall pregnant are forced by social norms to leave their homes and marry the man who made her pregnant irrespective of the circumstances (rapist, boyfriend etc.).
  • Indonesian culture favours the married over the employed.

To showcase the lack of Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP)

  • Pregnant girls are expelled without discussion from school with no chance of continuing their education once the child is born.

To highlight ineffective SRHR strategies for adolescents

  • The use of condoms are a taboo within communities, increasing the rate of unwanted pregnancy and child marriage.
  • Once unmarried persons have an unwanted pregnancy, it is prohibited to do an abortion.
  • Lack of SRHR knowledge among the community, particularly the adolescents, does not only contribute to poverty (due to child marriage and employment instability), but, in some cases, also lead to the death of the mother or the child or both where improper medical care is taken during delivery.
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YOUVLOG: Why Girls Should Be in the Center of Development?

A Story From Indonesia