Menstruation Shouts

Exploring the menstrual experiences influenced by the COVID19 pandemic in disadvantaged communities in Egypt and Kenya

The project aimed at collecting information about the menstrual health experiences and challenges of menstruating healthcare workers presenting in the frontline of the COVID-19 response and the adolescent girls who are/were affected by the stay-at-home measures implicated by the COVID-19 response in Egypt and Kenya.

Menstruation Shouts Counter
Lessons learned
  • The semi-structured interviews and digital storytelling videos provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on the surrounding situation around their menstruation at the workplace.
  • It created an environment where misconceptions could be shared and explored freely.
  • The participants found it as an opportunity to break the silence with their colleagues from other genders.
  • The project inspired both teams to apply for new grants to continue their efforts on the ground and to offer sustainable solutions and build upon this successful collaboration by establishing a long-term partnership in which different projects and research can be co-implemented.